Online slot machines have come under a lot of scrutiny lately. America banned them for their citizens not that long ago, the European Union is considering limiting the number of slot machines which are able to be registered in the locality, and other parts of the world are looking at ways in which they can regulate the online slot machine industry as you read this text.

What is the reason for all of this attention? Of course, it is that online slot machines are accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection, and therefore this presents an issue for people with problem gambling addictions, underage gamblers, and those who should not be playing slot machines at all.

Even with the age verification systems that online casinos employ these days, it is still possible for a minor to access the site, register, deposit, and then play the games. But here at this site you can find no deposit online casinos.

Is It Authentic?

With such a lot of conversation going on behind the scenes, it certainly makes you wonder whether or not online slot machines live up to their reputation of being just as good, if not better than their land based substitutes.

Indeed, after talking to a number of regular online gamblers, it would seem that online slot machines have an edge over their partners.

Here are some of the benefits of playing the slots on the Internet, and why you may wish to give it a go:

  • You can always find the right slot machine for you.
  • Minimum per line is completely customizable.
  • Bonus games & loyalty programs which do not exist at land based casinos.
  • Prizes are just as big!
  • Play from the comfort of your own home.

Each of the above benefits to playing online slots will be seen differently by different people. For example, someone who is disabled may prefer to play at the casino from the comfort of their own home – rather than taking the unnecessary steps of going all the way to the casino.

In another situation, someone may take a liking to a particular loyalty program that online Casino offers for playing slots, which is something that they would not otherwise have had if they had been playing in a real casino.

All in all, the online slot machine experience is a good one, and it is just as authentic as the real physical thing.

Mad Hatters brings Wonderland to you

Mad Hatters is a zany video slot that draws inspiration from the classic tale by C.S. Lewis about Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. The theme of the slot is Mad Hatters, in the plural, so players can look forward to meeting several of these kooky characters while playing this slot on your netbook. Don’t worry, none of these mad hatters are as sinister and spooky as Johnny Depp’s character in the new film, Alice in Wonderland!

The slot is a classic 5 reel with 30 paylines. It is packed with images from a mad tea party, including three different hatters, a cookoo clock, and plenty of tea and tasty treats to go along with it. The symbols to look out for include a red velvet hat which is wild, and the cookoo clock which will pay out a huge bonus if three or more show up on the reels at once. The rabbit-in-a-hat tile can trigger free spins, and will add extra wild symbols to the reels for even more chances to win!

This great slot can be played for free or for real money at This Microgaming-powered website offers more than 300 online casino games in total, including several high-paying progressive jackpot titles. With a $4,000 multi-deposit bonus available to new players, it is hard to stay away. Sign up a new account today, and get crazy winning cash on the wild Mad Hatters video slot.